All our cakes are listed and priced with yellow cake inside.

Party Cakes

Our bakery has been making Butter Cream topping since the 1930s. This topping is a combination of Alpine, Fondant, Powdered Sugar, Soy Oil, and other ingredients which creates a smooth tasteful sweet icing that does not require refrigeration. However, we recommend that cakes with this topping are not kept at temperatures above 75°F for extended periods of time.

Edible Images

Bring your favorite characters to your next party with an Edible Image! These colorful creations can be added to any cake. Click here to see our large selection! 


Our desserts range from magnificent Strawberry Cheesecakes to marble pound cake. Take your tongue on a journey with our Dessert options.

Wedding Cakes

We’ve been creating special memories for the past 40 years with our custom Wedding Cakes. With prices starting at $79, we have a cake for everyone!