All our cakes are listed and priced with yellow cake inside.

Additional cake choices are: Chocolate, Carrot, Red Velvet, Blue Velvet & Dietetic.


Our bakery has been making Butter Cream topping since the 1930s. This topping is a combination of Alpine, Fondant, Powdered Sugar, Soy Oil, and other ingredients which creates a smooth tasteful sweet icing that does not require refrigeration. However, we recommend that cakes with this topping are not kept at temperatures above 75°F for extended periods of time.


Soon after our butter cream topping became a success, and with household refrigeration becoming increasingly popular, we decided to add Whip Cream topping to our lineup. Using a blend of Non Fat milk solids, Soy Oil, Corn Syrup, Water, flavoring, etc. we created our unique whip cream topping. This topping requires refrigeration temperatures below 42°F.


Our ice cream cakes are made using layers of Yellow Cake and Neapolitan (Vanilla Chocolate Strawberry) ice cream inside topped with our unique Whip Cream. Recommended temperature for our ice cream cake is at most -10°F.


Red velvet cake has been around since The Great Depression and has only been getting increasingly popular. Because of this we’ve decided to adapt the original southern recipe into our lineup and enhanced it with our famous cream cheese filling and topping for a delicious mouthful. Blue velvet cake is a variation on the original red velvet.


With the ever-growing popularity of cartoon characters and animated films we’ve made our own specialty cake designs based on these characters and maintain an ever changing catalog to suit your taste.


Our holiday cakes target all major holidays. Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Graduation, etc. Choose from our extensive collection for all occasions.